Lyrical Beauty



[H/t to Sabrina Benaim ( for the motif from her wonderful poem “First Date”]

I want to write poems of lyrical beauty
Or, maybe I just want you to listen
And by listening, I mean I want you to pause in a dark alleyway
When you’re not sure which way to turn
And head toward the light
By light I mean I want these words to come into your head
When you struggle to speak to another soul
I want to be your words
I want to be the space between your syllables
I want to be the breaths of air as you think of the letters
I want to be the aftermath as the sounds roll off your palate

That moment when the star
Calls out for a fan to come onstage
And sing along
I want to be your harmony
I want to be that breath of anticipation
I want to be that moment of hesitation before you jump
And then I want you to wake up
With me in your arms

Necessities 1

I strain to listen
Old as I am
Deaf to change as I am
Blind to reason as I am
Afraid to die as I am
I strain to hear the voices
Calling me
Telling me I can be whole

I reach for a remote to change
My life back to what I wanted
When I was young
But the channel is stuck
The program repeats over again
Until the time comes to sign off for the night

The sign-off program used to play that poem “High Flight”
“Put out my hand, and touched the face of God”
I just want to touch a face that touches me back