The Pharmacist

Last updated on December 28th, 2017 at 07:43 am


If you fall in love with a poet, she will pen great verses of love

And elegies for an asshole if you break up


If you should fall in love with your pharmacist

She knows about the viagra and the blood pressure medicine

And about all the things you put in your system to get through

Another day

And if you fall out of love

Watch out for what she puts in the bottle the next time you get refills

And watch out for your heart

There’s no prescription strong enough when it breaks

To The Daughter I Will Never Have

Last updated on December 28th, 2017 at 07:31 am



How I want you to be known




Take no prisoners

Badass but kind

True to your essence

And always searching for your essence

Be anyone you want

Be with anyone you want

Become anyone you want

Even if that image is different

Than what we all think we know


You have so much potential

Even at this stage of imagination

You can be like all the brave women I have ever known

Whose stories may also never be told

Even though they were here

Or maybe no one listened


You have the opportunity to create worlds

You have the opportunity to tear down walls

I want you to lead

To never doubt yourself

To never doubt the good in you

To never let any man say you are not good enough

To never let any man take you for granted

Either as a colleague

Or a lover

Or a friend


Love your brother

Who you will never know

Because you never were

And if you think of me

Think kindly

And know that I tried

To bring you here

To take your place in the world

And your presence is reflected in the great sisterhood

That glass is being shattered every single day

And each shard reflects your light.